Since the inception of the Brewster Education Foundation one of its primary missions has been to promote scholastic aptitude and community service by providing various awards and scholarships to well-deserving Brewster High School Students.

Successful fundraising allowed the Foundation to begin awarding scholarships. In 1985 the first scholarships were presented to the Brewster High School Valedictorian and the Salutatorian. In 1989, the BEF National Honor Society Scholarship was established. The BEF Challenge Scholarship was created in 1998 for either a 504 designated student or a Special Education Student.
The BEF introduced a Scholars Program in the Middle School in 1986 and in 1996 determined to recognize our scholar’s achievements through a monetary award. Our signature Brewster Education Foundation Seven Year Scholarship was started (1996) to recognize The Foundation’s motto “Excellence in Education”. To earn this $500 scholarship, a student must achieve the high honor role, every quarter, every year, in the Brewster School System, from 6th grade through 3rd quarter Senior Year.



The Brewster Education Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization established in 1984 to raise funds to foster, encourage, and promote public education programs. The goal of the organization is to promote excellence in education by recognizing students for scholastic achievement, encouraging teachers to take innovative approaches to public education and fostering community service. The Foundation sponsors several major fundraisers each year: the GALA which is held each spring, a corvette raffle, a golf tournament and the 50 year graduate reunion. Established in 1997, this Brewster Education Foundation Challenge Scholarship is awarded to a graduating BHS senior who plans to continue his/her education at the undergraduate or technical/vocational school level. The prime guiding factors are that the student is either a classified special education student or a 504 designated student and is one who has been actively involved in his/her education. This student must be one who sets high academic standards and works to his/her potential. The recipient will be selected by a committee of special education teachers. Congratulation on your hard earned achievement. The Foundation wishes you much success in your future. A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To: Brewster Education Foundation Box 320 Brewster, NY 10509

BEF National Honor Society

The Brewster Education Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization established in 1984 to raise funds to foster, encourage, and promote public education programs. The goal of the organization is to promote excellence in education by recognizing students for scholastic achievement, encouraging teachers to take innovative approaches to public education and fostering community service.
The Foundation sponsors several major fundraisers each year: the annual GALA each spring,, a corvette raffle, a golf tournament and the 50 year graduate reunion.
In 1989, the Brewster Education Foundation established the BREWSTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY AWARD to recognize an outstanding graduating senior who has been active in the NHS during junior and senior year at Brewster High School. This person must also exhibit the qualities of integrity and good character, strong academics and community service.
Congratulations on your hard earned achievement. You truly have made a difference to our community and to BHS. The Foundation wishes you much success in your future.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Brewster Education Foundation
Box 320
Brewster, NY 10509

BEF Salutatorian Scholarship:


The Brewster Education Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization established in 1984 to raise funds to foster, encourage, and promote public education programs. The goal of the organization is to promote excellence in education by recognizing students for scholastic achievement, encouraging teachers to take innovative approaches to public education and fostering community service.

The Foundation sponsors several major fundraisers each year: the annual GALA held each spring, a corvette raffle, a golf tournament and the 50 year graduate reunion.

In 1985, the Brewster Education Foundation established a scholarship for the class Salutatorian to recognize his/her “Excellence in Education”.

Congratulations on your hard earned achievement. The Foundation wishes you much success in your future.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:

Brewster Education Foundation

Box 320

Brewster, NY 10509

BEF Seven Year Scholar's


The Brewster Education Foundation is a private, not-for-profit organization established in 1984 to raise funds to foster, encourage, and promote public education programs. The goal of the organization is to promote excellence in education by recognizing students for scholastic achievement, encouraging teachers to take innovative approaches to public education and fostering community service.

The Foundation sponsors several major fundraisers each year: the Dinner Theater held in conjunction with the annual school musical, a corvette raffle, a golf tournament and the 50 year graduate reunion.

Established in 1996, this Brewster Education Foundation sponsored scholarship recognizes and awards students who have demonstrated The Foundation’s motto “Excellence In Education”. To earn this scholarship, The eligible student must be a registered student in the Brewster Central School District from 6th grade until all credits for graduation are satisfied while maintaining High Honor Roll every quarter throughout that time, not to exceed 7 years.

Congratulations on your hard earned achievement. The Foundation wishes you much success in your future.

BEF Valedictorian Scholarship

Brewster Education Foundation Valedictorian Scholarship: Established to award the Valedictorian for his/her pursuit of “Excellence in Education”

In 1989, the Family of Gladys and Theodore Schaffer gave the BEF $5,000 to establish a permanent scholarship in their parent’s memory. The BEF invested that money to begin the first of many endowed scholarships. The following list of endowed scholarships includes a biography/history of each scholarship.




         Vincent M. Cafiero was entering his junior year at Brewster High School when he tragically drowned in a local reservoir in September 2004.  Vinny had a tender, gentle heart, a terrific sense of humor and a generosity to others that was amazing.  He made friends with the young and the old and looked past appearances to find the person inside.  Vinny was a big brother to the younger and a role model for his peers.
         A car buff, Vinny owned his own car and loved to “tinker” with it, keeping it in excellent shape. He planned to study auto mechanics and had a natural talent for repairing cars.
         The Vincent M. Cafiero Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior of good character who plans to continue his/her education by attending a vocational/technical or two or four year school.


A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Mr. & Mrs. Vincent Cafiero
12 Pumphouse Road
Brewster, NY 10509




The Christopher C. Caiazzo Memorial Scholarship is given to a Brewster High School varsity athlete in memory of Chris to honor and celebrate his love of life. Chris was a scholar and athlete at Brewster High School, who died during his junior year (2007) in a car accident. He was motivated, ambitious and remarkably considerate of others. He always looked to the future with hope and excitement.

Chris had a special passion for baseball and worked tirelessly to excel at the game. He was looking forward to starting for the Brewster High School varsity team as a lefty pitcher and first baseman. As a teammate noted, Chris was “very dedicated”. He went to lessons every week, he was always at Frozen Ropes, and he played in other leagues and showcases all the time. He just went beyond what normal players do. Another player remembered that Chris was always so relaxed on the mound…he lived there.

Smart, hardworking, a friend to everyone, respectful and athletic, Chris epitomized what a high school student should be. In an article in the local paper, Chris’ death was described as the “loss of one of Putnam County’s best and brightest”. His principal, Matt Byrnes, noted that teachers loved to have Chris in their classes. A teacher agreed: “Chris loved to help other students in need of assistance. He always wore a smile and was very intelligent and enthusiastic. Chris loved to help others”. He was an absolutely wonderful kid who made his family proud each and every day.As one of his coaches’s noted, Chris was the type of kid who would always look you in the eye and offer you a handshake whenever you saw him. He was just a well-respected, well-liked kid.

The Christopher C. Caiazzo Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a young man or woman with all of Chris’ qualities. It is awarded each year to a senior varsity athlete who displays the dedication and determination to succeed in athletic and academic endeavors that were evident in the life of Chris Caiazzo. It is for the scholar athlete who leads through their character, their commitment to the team and their love of the sport. A note of thanks may be sent to:

Ms. Tracy Caiazzo Decker

33 Bonmark Drive

Claremont, NH 03743


Mr. Christopher Caiazzo

101 Driftway Lane

Brewster, New York 10509


Joseph William Capalbo was born, April 22, 1955, in Bronx, N.Y.  He moved to Brewster with his family and was raised here.  Joseph attended Brewster High School and, after graduating, he became an apprentice steamfitter.  He followed his father and brother into this profession and worked at Indian Point for 22 years.  Joseph proudly served as the Union Site Representative representing all trades.  He was a hard working, loving family man and loyal friend.  Joseph contracted an extremely rare strain of leukemia, Burkitt’s lymphoma, and tragically died on September 13, 2007.
Starting his athletic career on the streets of Brewster Heights with his friends, Joe continued through HH Wells and Brewster High School and was in the first class to enter and the first to graduate from the new Brewster High School at 50 Foggintown Road. Joe played baseball as a second baseman, basketball, and was the quarterback of the Brewster Football team.  Joe was the shortest member of his class but what he lacked in height, he more than made up for in spirit and attitude.  Joe loved sports and after graduating from Brewster High School he continued to play on recreational basketball teams.  He played softball every summer and for 23 years he led a Brewster football team as quarterback in the Danbury Football League.
Joseph and his wife, Kathleen, raised two sons, Joseph and Timothy, who received their educations and played sports in the Brewster Central School District.  They loved watching their sons play all sports.  Joe instilled in his sons his love for athletics and taught them the importance of a good work ethic and perseverance whether on the practice field or the field of play.  Joseph and Timothy thrived under their father’s instruction and both play Division I lacrosse in college.
The Joseph William Capalbo Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior of good standing who plans to play a sport in college.  This award will go to a young man or woman who is not only an athlete but a loyal friend and an inspiration to his teammates and coaches, an athlete who shows that character and drive can compensate for any adversity.  This was the man Joseph William Capalbo was to his friends and loving family.  Joseph would be proud to carry on the legacy of Brewster Athletics through these recipients.


A note of thanks may be sent to:
Mrs. Kathleen Capalbo
49 Arbor Lane
Brewster, New York  10509



Danielle Marie Coco packed so much love into 17 wonderful years. She lived her life full of passion and love for both family and friends. She cherished her brothers Michael and Nicholas. Whether it be to help with homework, fix a meal or to give Nick a bath, she always found time to help. Danielle looked up to her Mom as the ultimate role model. She was excited to help her Mom with her new business and shared the enthusiasm of healthy eating together. They found time to sneak into the gym to stay in shape. Her Dad shared quality time with Danielle on the soccer field where her passion for the game elevated her to captain of the travel team.

The chance to do things for the family came first with Danielle, even the tough jobs like giving her Dad a foot rub! She adored shopping with her Mom and with her friends. She loved her new room and envisioned painting clouds on the walls. On weekends there always seemed to be an extra person…a close girlfriend to share life's ups and downs. She worked at Playzone and spent the summer as a camp counselor at Wells. Although she would come home tired, she found it so very rewarding and never complained. Danielle enjoyed children and had decided to pursue teaching for her college education. She was proud of earning her own spending money and saving for her car. That along with having her own cell phone came a sense of joy, of freedom and of growing up.

Danielle had so many special friends and cared deeply about all of them. She laughed with them, cried with them and graced each and every one with a sparkle in her eyes and a wide, bright smile, and oh, what a beautiful smile! She was like the perfect daughter and perfect friend. Danielle was beautiful inside and out, respectful, involved, compassionate, well mannered, able to converse with both young and old and a truly lovely person.

Virginia Beach was a favorite place where Danielle found peace and beauty surrounded by family and friends. She loved the clouds, competing with her team on the soccer field, reading poetry, watching dolphins and anything to do with the ocean. Danielle embraced life and treasured each and every moment. She taught all that had the good fortune to cross her path to embrace life, to live and love to the fullest of one's ability.

In her memory, her Mom and Dad, and her brothers Michael and Nicholas ask that you treat one another as the precious gifts that you are. Cherish one another. Live your life to the absolute best you can. <br> A note of thanks may be sent to:

Mrs. Christine Coco Mr. Larry Coco

1804 Dunhill Dr

151 Shelter Rock Road, Unit #69

Brewster, NY 10509

Danbury, CT 06810


In the fall of 1958, Frank Colombo brought his family to Brewster and set up permanent residence.  He joined the Brewster Fire Department where he served as a fireman, an officer and a committee chairman.  He enjoyed these positions for more than 40 years.
     Frank was a founding member of the then “Garry Owen Cadet Corps”.  “This organization gave boys and girls a place to socialize, expand their leadership qualities and allowed them to take pride in themselves and their country.  It was during this time that Mr. Colombo was asked by the court system to mentor troubled boys. He sought to show them that it was all right not to be the best but “doing their best’ was the important thing.
     Atradesman, Frank was a union sheet metal worker, known as a “Tin Knocker”, a title of which he was extremely proud.  He was a person who loved to work with his hands.  With a kind heart and a gentle spirit, Frank always looked at the best side of people.  He was someone who would always stop and listen even when pressed for time.  There was always a smile on his face, a twinkle in his eye and a laugh on his lips.
       Connie helped teach Physical Fitness at St. Lawrence O’Toole when there were no teachers to teach gym. She was an active Den Mother for the Cub Scouts.  For many years, Connie worked in the cafeterias in the Brewster School District.  She was the one who slipped the students a little more food or paid for a child’s lunch when they had no money.  Everyone that went through the Brewster School system – student, teacher or staff  -- knew Mrs. Colombo.
  Always expanding her horizons, Connie wrote poetry, painted, read voraciously, was the consummate homemaker, and above all, was a ‘super Mom’. She was the glue that kept everything together.  In her later years, Connie cared lovingly for her ailing husband and cooked for the Priest of St. Lawrence, causing them to adjust their wardrobes.  There always were extra faces at the table when she cooked.  Connie was a woman with a deep religious faith.
 It is in their name that this memorial scholarship was established so everyone (even an ordinary kid) could have a chance to reach his or her dreams. The  FRANK and CONNIE COLOMBO MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is to be awarded to a graduating senior of good character who plans to continue his or her education beyond high school by attending a vocational, technical, or two or four year college.  This candidate must be of good character, be involved in his or her school and community and give of themselves.
A note of thanks may be sent to:
The Colombo Family
46 Oakwood Drive
Brewster, New York 10509




    Gisele Corde was an integral member of the Brewster Central School District administrative team since 1989, serving as Assistant Principal at Garden Street and JFK Elementary Schools, Assistant Principal at H.H. Wells Middle School and Principal of Garden Street School before assuming the C.V. Starr Assistant Principal position in 1999.  Mrs. Corde died suddenly on December 3, 2001 of a heart attack. She was 41 years old.
    Throughout her years at Brewster, Gisele’s top priority was the success and fulfillment of the young people with whom she worked.  Students trusted and respected her, as she was an individual that they could count upon to provide whatever support they needed, not only in the classroom, but in their daily lives as well.  Parents knew that whatever their concern, Gisele would work tirelessly to resolve it in a way that would best benefit their children.  Her administrative colleagues viewed her as a caring, concerned educator willing to do whatever it took to bring a smile to the face of a child. Gisele brought a vitality and exuberance to all she touched and created an atmosphere of excitement, caring and love that surrounded all.  She was an inspiration to friend, co-worker, parent and student alike.
    The Gisele Corde Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a student of exemplary character who plans on continuing his/her education after high school.  The recipient should be someone who is considered by faculty members as working diligently to ‘overcome the odds’, while maintaining a positive and spirited attitude.
    Faculty and staff members, district wide, nominate candidates for this scholarship.  The recipient is chosen by a committee of administrators and faculty that is led by Gisele’s husband, Richard Corde.


A note of thanks may be sent to:
Richard Corde
1 Old Pond Road
South Salem, NY 10590




The Helen Dampsey Music Scholarship was established in 1998 by loving family, friends, neighbors and admirers to celebrate the life of Helen Dampsey.
As a resident of Patterson, New York from 1935 until her death at the age of 91, Helen Dampsey was known to many as a gifted and accomplished concert pianist.  She was blessed with perfect pitch.  Her life was the music she made and she traveled the world collaborating with other fine musicians; seeking always the chance to play.  Having two Steinway pianos in her living room and a vast library of music, Ms. Dampsey never missed the opportunity to share her passion with other musicians.  Spirited and feisty, she had a wonderful sense of humor and always spoke her mind with disarming candor.
Born in Brooklyn, New York, Helen studied music at the David Mannes School of Music in New York and with Alfred Cortot at the Ecole Normale de Musicque in Paris.  She spoke fluent French.  A member of the Professional Musicians’ Union (Local 82), she was also a member of the Amateur Chamber Music Players, Inc.  Helen shared her talents with children, improvising music for dance classes and teaching the piano for many years.
The Helen Dampsey Music Scholarship Fund was established by those who wish to preserve the memory of this talented, inspired and remarkable woman and to support the arts in her honor.
The Helen Dampsey Music Scholarship shall be awarded to a graduating senior who possesses natural talent.  This ability could be either vocal, instrumental or both.  The Music Department of Brewster High School shall determine the recipient based on merit, talent and future potential.
Congratulations on your hard earned achievement.  You truly have made a difference to our community and to Brewster High School.  The Foundation wishes you much success in your future.
     A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:     
   Marna Howarth
 300 Haviland Road
                                           Patterson, New York 12563




             The June B. Delfay Memorial Scholarship was established by Mrs. Delfay’s friends and family shortly after her passing in October of 2008 to honor her spirit, cheerfulness and strength in adversity.
            Mrs. Delfay became the sole source of support for her three sons and one daughter in 1958 when she was 33 years old and they were 13, 11, 8 and 10, respectively. In 1959, she had the foresight to move her family from Tarrytown, N.Y. to Brewster, where she had family and where she believed the rural setting would be best for her children. In Brewster, Mrs. Delfay worked in a variety of domestic, manufacturing and technical positions, including many years at Hipotronics.
Although it was often a challenge to provide for her family as a single parent, Mrs. Delfay frequently contributed her time and limited resources to a wide range of local and national charities. The Girl Scouts of America, the Salvation Army and Disabled American Veterans were favorites. With the exception of the oldest child, who joined the military, all of Mrs. Delfay’s children graduated from Brewster High School.
And so, the June B. Delfay Memorial Scholarship recognizes the special challenges faced by single parents as it attempts to make a meaningful contribution to the education of children from single-parent households. The scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who has been raised in and contributed to a single-parent household and will be attending a trade, technical, two or four-year local college.


A note of thanks may be sent to:
Mr. Robert Delfay
 428 Spalding Lake Circle
Aiken, South Carolina 29803


Barbara Gillette Memorial Award
Barbara Gillette was a beloved member of the faculty in Brewster for over 25 years. She will always be remembered for her intelligence, compassion and quick wit. Ms. Gillette believed very strongly in the value of embracing diversity and all that we can learn from other cultures. Barbara graduated from the School of International Training, Stephens College, and the Universidad de Navarra in Spain. She worked in the corporate world, both here and abroad, taught in several Middle Eastern cities, and was a Peace Corp volunteer in South America.

Gillette was admirably humble. She had a quiet way of helping so many people, often with the recipient being the only one who knew what she had done. Whether it was a meal for a sick friend, knitting for soldiers in faraway lands, shuttling a friend with a broken down car, or a myriad of other kindnesses, Barbara was there for so many others.

Passionate about many things, Barbara was an avid gardener, a voracious reader, an inspirational baker, and totally enamored of her King Charles spaniels – Frances Rose, Winifred and Sophia. Barbara arranged garden tours for her friends, but first, she graciously hosted a breakfast served on her painstakingly collected vintage china and linens. She was also well known for her unique, often outrageous jewelry; Ms. Gillette had a distinctive style, all her own.
Ms. Gillette’s students were greatly impacted by her passing and many wrote poetry, letters, and drew pictures to express their love and grief.
“Remember all the fun we had together”
“Remember when I said you’ll be in my heart forever…”
“You always gave us wacky things to draw on the back of tests. The last one was the wackiest of all – elephants celebrating Easter.” “You made Spanish so much fun – drawing on tests, giving out stickers.”
“It was an honor to be in your class.”
“You always treated us students as friends and always made us feel great.”
“We loved your beautiful pins and your wonderful smile. You were always so passionate and sweet.
Your class was one of our favorites and we all gained a new passion for language and for life because of you! We will miss you forever.”
“You gave me 2 years of Spanish and much more… there will always be a place in my heart for you.”
“Thanks for all of the memories – taking (student’s name) out of class for you to learn the moonwalk.”
“Tell Michael Jackson to teach you how to Moonwalk in heaven.”
Predominantly, the messages said: “We’ll never forget you; we love you, we miss you, you are the best teacher, out favorite teacher. You laughed all the time. You ROCK!” One young man, upon hearing of Ms. Gillette’s passing, e-mailed a beautiful letter from college. He remembered a time when he was in high school and Ms. Gillette came to his job: “I wasn’t even her student anymore, but she cared enough to find me in person and shake my hand and congratulate me (for a 96 on a regent’s test). She was one of the rare ones who would go to any extent to see us learn and have a positive experience.”
The friends and family of Barbara Gillette wish to remember her great gusto for life, her appreciation for diversity and love of world cultures and travel. This award will be presented to an eighth grade student who embodies this spirit, who excels in modern language and demonstrates qualities of tolerance, acceptance and understanding of cultural differences



Denis Gleason grew up in the Bronx, and worked for Xerox for 27 years. Denis enjoyed the outdoors. He enjoyed fishing in the local reservoir and camping under the stars. He was always known to be fixing something around the house. He had a love of music and was loyal to his family and his Irish Heritage. Denis' parents were both Irish immigrants and came to the United States during the Depression. Denis grew up knowing the meaning of hard work and therefore developed a strong work ethic.&

Bridie emigrated from Ireland to the United States in 1963 and settled in NYC where she met Denis. She became an American citizen and later enjoyed working in H.H. Wells Middle School. She then went to Guideposts Magazine where she enjoyed working in Carmel. Bridie had a strong faith and was very involved in Saint Lawrence O'Toole Church. She was a founder of the Saint Lawrence O' Toole Rosary Group. She also enjoyed teaching students weekly in CCD.

Denis and Bridie decided to move out of the city in November 1972 and raise their two daughters, Eileen and Tricia in a quiet neighborhood in Brewster. When moving to Brewster the wonderful views of the reservoir reminded Bridie of the home she left in Ireland. The Gleason girls attended Garden Street School and later graduated from Brewster High School in 1985 and 1987 respectively. Bridie and Denis always valued the importance of education and were proud of their daughters' accomplishments.

Denis and Bridie enjoyed traveling with their family. They went on many scenic walks, hikes, and bike rides. Together they had a glint in their eye and a smile on their face. They were happiest when they were spending time with the family they raised. They had a strong belief that family comes first and everything else in life will fall into place. Bridie passed away at an early age in 1995, leaving Denis to pass on his wisdom and humor to their five grand children before his passing in 2010.

The Denis and Bridie Gleason Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who exhibits a strong work ethic, determination, and pride in their heritage. The recipient should be in good academic standing and plan to continue his/her education after high school without the benefit of a full scholarship.

;A note of thanks can be sent to:

Patricia Vaccaro

8120 Acacia Court

Waxhaw, NC 28173.



The Dr. Lawrence S. Greenfield Scholarship was established in 1997 by his son to honor the life and achievements of Dr. Lawrence S. Greenfield.  Dr. Greenfield was a prominent professional in the Brewster Community for over 35 years.  He opened his Family Dentistry practice on Main Street in Brewster in 1951 and continued to serve the dental needs of many residents and families until 1986.  His warmth, compassion and fun-loving personality created a “love of going to the dentist” for many children and families of Brewster.
          A graduate of Peekskill High School, Dr. Greenfield graduated from American University.  In 1950, he graduated from Georgetown University with a Doctorate of Dental Surgery degree.  He served in World War II as a decorated Technical Sergeant with the
U.S. Army Air Core.  Dr. Greenfield started the 9th District Dental Society of Putnam County and was active in many volunteer and civic organizations.
          As President of the Brewster School Board of Education for over 10 years, Dr. Greenfield was instrumental in acquiring the land now known as the Brewster Central School District Campus.  He personally, along with Robert F. Kennedy, dedicated the John F. Kennedy Elementary School upon its completion in 1964.  His foresight for the growth and development of the Brewster School District has helped to provide the continuing high standard of education for students and families within our community.
          Dr. Greenfield was also President and a long-standing member of the Brewster Rotary Club, the Brewster Chamber of Commerce, the Elks and Masonic Lodge and was a founding member of Temple Beth Elohim in Brewster.  He supported and initiated various philanthropic missions.
          An avid golfer, skiier and tennis player, his enthusiasm for life, sportsmanship, professional ethics and sense of humor made him a highly respected member of the Brewster community.  He was a dedicated and loving husband and father of two children.
          In his honor, the Dr. Lawrence S. Greenfield Memorial Scholarship will be awarded to a graduating senior who exhibits excellence in academics, sports and community service.  This money shall be used for this student to continue to pursue their dream.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Cheryl Greenfield
585 20th St. NW
Cleveland, Tennessee




Mrs. Killackey taught for two years in New Hampshire and twenty-three years at the John F. Kennedy Elementary School in Brewster, NY. She also taught in the “Federal Title I Summer Programs” in Brewster for ten years. She graduated with honors from Barnard College, Columbia University and has a Masters Degree as well as a Professional Sixth Year Degree from Western Connecticut State University. During her last six years at John F. Kennedy School, she sponsored and edited the J.F. Kennedy Writing Anthology which contained exemplary writings of the children. She was selected twice as the “Teacher of the Year” and twice she was honored by presenting programs to the NY State Teacher’s Conventions. Her four children attended Brewster schools and all are college graduates.

She continues to think of herself as a “Professional Educator” with her activities since retirement. Mrs. Killackey coordinates workshops for Senior Citizens at the Office for the Aging and funds prizes for a “Good Writers” program for seventh and eighth graders at St. Lawrence O’Toole Elementary School. After writing biographies of senior citizens for three years, she was named “Senior Citizen of the Year 1999” by the Office For the Aging and was honored by the governor, state senators and local Brewster officials.

She is President of Delta Kappa Gamma, Alpha Omicron Society made up of active and retired teachers and continues to be actively involved in community and educational pursuits.When attending the funeral for a close relative, Dorothy Killackey realized the funeral parlor was overflowing with beautiful flowers that were only going to decay. The money spent could have been invested for some grants and scholarships to Brewster students. She realized the B.E.F. would be the perfect instrument for distributing any funds that were given at her death, in lieu of flowers.

In 1993 Mrs. Killackey provided the initial seed money to establish the fund.The criteria she established is that The Dorothy H. Killackey Scholarship is to be awarded each year to a deserving Brewster High School senior who plans to continue his/her education, has displayed good citizenship, is industrious and has given of him/her self in a positive manner. Preferably the student will not be one who has been awarded numerous other awards, but instead, someone who might be inspired to further his/her education because of this honor.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To

Dorothy H. Killackey

401 Stonewall Lane

Brewster, NY 10509



The Lizabeth LoBuglio Award was established in 2008 in order to keep alive Liz’s spirit and enthusiasm. This was exemplified each and every day in both her career as well as in all aspects of her life.

Liz worked as a Remedial Reading Teacher and Reading Recovery Teacher for 12 years in the Brewster Central School District. Her love of books was equaled only by her love for the students she taught.

Her zest for life was evident by her adventurous year- round hobbies. The spring and summer found her skippering her own sailboat throughout the Long Island Sound. When the weather turned cold Liz could be found skiing, snow boarding or gracefully figure skating. Until her final days, Liz enjoyed a passion for life that will be memorialized in this annual award.

The friends and family of Lizabeth LoBuglio wish to remember her in this spirit. This award will be gifted to a worthy recipient, who is entering the field of education and exemplifies the same kind of eagerness and gusto for life that Liz lived by.

A note of thanks may be sent to:
Mrs. Alberta Kozma
Mrs. Fran Vazquez
Mrs. Mary Tavino
72 Friendly Road
Brewster, New York 10509




Allen Michel was born and raised in Brewster, New York. After graduating from Brewster High School in 1949, he met and married Helen Rapp. Allen pursued his career as a plumber for 45 years until his retirement in 1993. Helen was a much loved and dedicated Kindergarten teacher at Garden Street School for 35 years until her retirement in 1991.

Their involvement in the community and dedication to the children of Brewster is legendary. Active parishioners in the Methodist Church both have served on the Administration Council with Helen as its President for several years. They each taught Sunday School and acted as Youth Group Leaders. Allen was a Church Trustee and Usher at services while Helen was the co-chairperson of the group that established the Brewster Childcare Center.

Still an active volunteer for the Brewster Fire Department (48 years as of 2001), Mr. Michell was a Captain of the Ambulance Crew for many years. Past-President of the Milltown Cemetery Board of Directors, Mr. Michell continues to be an active Board member. Mrs. Michell is a Past President of the Board of Directors for the District Nursing Association. A volunteer at Glen Hill Nursing Home in Danbury, CT., she is also a member of Delta Kappa Gamma Honor Society.

Together they have devoted their boundless energy and enthusiasm for Brewster's children by their total commitment to the Brewster Little League organization. They rarely miss a game. Still involved, Allen Michell has spent over 48 years with the Brewster Little League organization as manager, coach, umpire and member of the Board of Directors. Helen Michell steadily supported the children and ran the concession stand for eighteen years. The Michells are the unsung heroes of our Brewster kids. The ALLEN AND HELEN MICHELL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a graduating senior who is pursuing a career in teaching, has participated in sports and has maintained an average of 85% or better.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:

Allen and Helen Michell

15 Hillcrest Avenue Brewster, NY 10509


Dan O’Connell and his wife, Joan, moved to Putnam County in 1971 from the Bronx.  Within a year or two, Dan felt strongly that he wanted to give back to his community and immediately joined the Putnam Lake Fire Department.  He served actively for 25 years.  Dan held the offices of Lieutenant, Captain and Assistant Chief and served three terms as Chief of the Department (1983 – 1985).  It was Dan who wanted to establish a scholarship in Jim’s memory that would be earmarked for the sons and daughter of volunteer firefighters.  When Dan died in the line-of-duty at a house fire just seven months after Jim’s accident, the O’Connell family and Fire Department pursued the establishment of a memorial scholarship for the children of volunteer firefighters.  Both Father and Son believed that serving one’s community was the highest form of service and lived that belief daily.  Through this scholarship they posthumously continue to give back - now to those firefighters and their children.

Jim O’Connell, a 1990 graduate of Brewster High School, was Chief of the Putnam Lake Fire Department when he was killed in a car accident on June 26, 1998.  Jim was a ten year member of the department and was serving his second term as Chief at the time of his death.  When he was first elected Chief at the age of 24, he was the youngest Fire Chief in New York State.  Jim was an active volunteer donating countless hours of training and responding to emergencies in his community and neighboring communities.  He developed his sense of community service from his Dad and worked hard to emulate him.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Joan O’Connell
97 South Lake Drive
Patterson, New York 12563




Philip Podkaminer, the son of Russian immigrants, was born in New York in 1915.  He married Sadie Wittenberg of Brewster in 1940 and they settled in Brewster.  All three of their sons went through the Brewster Central School District System.  With his brother, Leon, Mr. Podkaminer owned and operated Brewster Garage, a Studebaker dealership as well as the Brewster Bowling and Recreation Center.
            A veteran of World War II where he served in the Pacific, Mr. Podkaminer believed in serving his community. He was an active member of Rotary, Temple Beth Elohlm, B’nai Brith and the VFW.  A Board member of the Brewster Central School District’s Board of Education, Mr. Podkaminer played an integral part in helping to expand the school system from downtown Brewster to its present campus on Rte. 312, Farm To Market and Foggintown Road.
            Philip Podkaminer strongly believed in hard work and the value of education.  He saw the necessity to “tool up” with a variety of disciplines to prepare for life’s various demands.  Although accepted at Fordham University in 1933, he was unable to attend due to lack of funds and the Great Depression.
            The Philip Podkaminer Memorial Scholarship was set up to recognize and reward a student’s steadfast hard work and citizenship as well as create an opportunity for him/her to pursue higher education.  It is awarded to a graduating senior in good academic standing who plans to continue their education at a two or four year college and has a strong involvement in community service.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Nathan Podkaminer
Kinder Lane
Jamesville, New York 13078



Michael J. Quinn was a man of great character and integrity.  He was born on July 25, 1954 and passed on July 29, 2011 at the age of 57. He held his family and friends in highest regard and could always be counted on. It is Mike, the picture of strength, health and a rock solid father, husband, son, brother and uncle that will live on in our minds.

Mike graduated from Brewster High School in 1973. While attending BHS he made many life-long friendships as ‘Quinny’. He played several Varsity sports including Basketball, Track and Football where he was #40; a star ‘running back’. Throughout his life he remained ‘quick on his feet’and was always moving!

Generous and kind with a fun loving personality, Mike was always the first to step up to lend support, usually completing tasks within moments of hearing the need. He was not a man of many words and was ever so humble; never seeking public fanfare

Having grown up in a large family of 6 children in Brewster Heights, Mike could always be relied on to take responsibilities seriously. He was trustworthy and independent. After graduating, Mike adventured and travelled west, blazing trails to California, gradually gathering old and new friends who came to visit. After several years, Mike returned to Brewster to settle down and raise his family. His wife, Jill, graduated from Brewster High School as did his son Cary (2005), his daughter Deanna (2007) and his youngest daughter Grace (2015).

Mike worked hard all of his life and was truly gifted. His skills far surpassed what could be learned only in text books. Mike could do and fix anything! He had an uncanny ability to see and understand how things worked. He was in the forefront of technology, was skilled as an electrician, a plumber, a mechanic and phenomenal with his hands. His career as a Master Carpenter and Foreman for the Empire State Carpenter’s Union spanned 25 years.

Jill Jacobs-Quinn, a Board member of the Brewster Education Foundation, and the family of Mike Quinn wish to award these scholarships in Mike’s memory to graduating seniors who possess strength, determination and a passion for achieving skills and knowledge.


A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Jill Jacobs-Quinn
18 Pine Road
Brewster, NY 10509



                           Lauren graduated from Brewster High School in 1993. She died of bone cancer on December 20, 1995 at the age of 20.  She was a sophomore majoring in American History at Georgetown University, Washington, D.C.
                           An exceptionally well-rounded young lady, Lauren was an excellent student, a very hard worker and happiest when helping others.  While at Brewster High School, Lauren was President of the National Honor Society, Moderator of the Democratic Congress (for which, as a freshman, she helped write the founding constitution), a member and founder of the Environmental Club, and a Peer Helper.  She was on the softball team and a member of the NYS Championship field hockey team of 1992.  Lauren also played the clarinet and saxophone, participated in NYSSMA and appeared in the annual Brewster High School plays.
                           In Lauren’s “spare time”, she taught Sunday School and had jobs at various retail stores, while during the summer she was a lifeguard and taught swimming lessons.  Lauren was the type of person who loved life and always had to be busy. She attended Space Academy I and Space Academy II at the US Space and Rocket Center in Huntsville, Alabama and the Presidential Classroom in Washington, D.C. The Read Family has established a scholarship that sends a Brewster High School Student to one of these great programs each year.
                           In addition to being a great student and good friend, Lauren was a terrific big sister to her sister, Cindy.  She always encouraged Cindy to participate in various school functions and always was there for Cindy whenever she needed advice or help.  Lauren was ecstatic when in 1992 Cindy was moved up from JV field hockey to go to the State Championships at Oneonta with Lauren and the Varsity Field Hockey Team.
                           The Read Family hopes the experience you have at one of these programs will be both memorable and worthwhile and hope it will increase your interest in the world around you.  Please consider this a thank you from Lauren and the Read Family for being the kind of person of whom Brewster can be proud. We know that Lauren would have truly made a positive impact on our world had she been given the chance.  Her family hopes this will help you do the same.





     A junior at Brewster High School, Valerie Ruh was diagnosed with AML Leukemia. Although she fought a tough battle, soon after her diagnosis, Valerie passed away on August 27, 1998.
     Valerie was an inspiration to all who knew her.  She was a hard working student who never failed to put her all into endeavors while attending Brewster High School.  Valerie was a member of the soccer team, The S.A.D.D. organization and held a position on the yearbook staff.  In addition to participation in these activities, Valerie possessed a vast amount of school spirit.  She was the epitome of a true “Brewster Bear.” 
     Besides Valerie’s accomplishments in school, she had a great love and passion for dance.  Val flourished as a ballet, tap and jazz student, attending her lessons faithfully from the age of four.  The enthusiasm Valerie displayed while dancing was immeasurable.  She danced with precision, energy and always with a sincere smile on her face.  Watching Val perform in one of her annual recitals was truly rewarding.  As did Val, the recipient of this award must share a true passion for dance.
     Valerie was an exceptional human being who had a heart of gold.  Her exterior beauty and keen sense of style were complimented by the truly beautiful person within her.  It was a rare occurrence to find Val without a smile on her face.  She was always there for her many friends and family whether it was to dish out encouragement or simply to lend a shoulder to cry on.  Her genuine personality and caring ways were recognized by all.  In her short 17 years, Valerie managed to touch the lives of many.
     The VALERIE RUH MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP is awarded to a deserving senior who possesses the same qualities that Valerie exhibited, has been active in dance and has the desire and passion to continue dance at the college level.




         Gladys and Theodore Schaefer moved to Brewster in 1929 after their marriage.  Mr. Schaefer was a lawyer and served on the Brewster Board of Education as a board member and later as President of the Board in the 1950’s.  He served as Town Justice of Southeast for approximately fifteen years.  Committed to service to the community, Mr. Schaefer volunteered untold hours on the Southeast Town Board and in other civic organizations.
         Mrs. Schaefer volunteered with the American Red Cross during World War 11.  Over the years, she devoted many hours to the District Nursing Association as a member and as its treasurer.  The Schaefer’s strongly believed in education and service to the community and the school.  Their only daughter, Barbara, graduated as Valedictorian in the Brewster High School class of 1946.
         The Schaefer Award For Service is awarded to an outstanding senior for school and community service in the memory of Gladys and Theodore Schaefer.


A Note of Thanks May B Sent To:
Mr. and Mrs. Robert Manning
114 King George Drive
Boxford, Massachusetts 01921




   Vincent Talarico was a teacher of Social Studies at Brewster High School for thirty-two (32) years.  He passed away in July, 1997. Graduating with his Bachelor’s degree from Western Connecticut State University, he received his Master’s degree from Clark University in Massachusetts.  Vinny also did graduate work at Cornell University.
   Very fond of ninth graders, Vinny focused his teaching and curriculum development around them and the entire 9th grade program.  He supported various activities such as dances, trips to museums and New York City as well as the annual end of the year Freshman Trip.  Mr. Talarico was compassionate yet demanding of his students.  He set high standards and required in-depth understanding of critical issues, both historical and contemporary.  Vinny was a mentor teacher, helping those who were new to the building to feel comfortable and welcome.  He directed new initiatives for curriculum development such as cooperative learning and portfolio assessment.
   Vinny Talarico was involved as a student advisor to a number of organizations through out his high school career.  During his tenure as advisor to the Bear Facts, the BHS School Newspaper, the publication received numerous national awards for its format, analysis and editorials.  Advisor to the school literary magazine, Ursus, Mr. Talarico also acted as sophomore class advisor for six years.  He deeply enjoyed participation in these organizations and used his involvement to help youngsters develop the necessary traits needed to become involved citizens.
   The Vincent J. Talarico Scholarship was established in his memory by colleagues, members of the community, family and friends to recognize a graduating BHS senior who is a good citizen, one who is interested in history and political affairs and has a great zest for life.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Mrs. Sally Talarico
104 Taylor Road
New Milford, CT. 06776




Barbara grew up in a very close-knit, loving family in Oldwick, NJ, a small rural town of less than 500 residents.  After graduating from Mt. St. Mary’s Academy she headed to the University of Massachusetts at Amherst where she earned a BS in Fashion Merchandising and Interior Design. At UMass, she met and married the love of her life, Rick, (better known in Brewster, as the Honorable Richard Vercollone, Southeast Town Judge). 
         In 1979, Barb and Rick moved, with their young sons, Jamie and Jeff, from Londonderry, NH and settled in Brewster, NY.  Two months later Nicholas was born. All three sons attended Garden Street School and HH Wells Middle School.  Barb volunteered and was immersed in the school community as Class Parent for all three sons, Soccer Coach, Little League Coach, T-Ball Coach, Cub Scout Den Leader, PTA Committee Member and community volunteer for many causes. She also was a Board Member of the Little League and Soccer League for many years. In 1985 she organized and ran the first Ski Club at Garden Street School, then the Middle School and then the High School for twenty years.  While raising her young sons, she had a very successful stained glass business, restoring leaded glass windows in mansions and a church as well as teaching stained glass classes through the Brewster Adult Education.
         With her involvement in the community, Barb was tapped in 1986 to join the Brewster Education Foundation as a Board Member. On the Foundation, Barb served as President (10 years), headed the Corvette Raffle, and currently is Chairperson of the Scholarship Committee, and Chairperson of the 50 year Graduate Reunion.
         In 1986, Barb began substitute teaching in the Brewster Central Schools and quickly was drafted to fill a Guidance Department vacancy. She went on to complete her MS Degree in Counseling and Education at Fordham University. Employed as a Guidance Counselor for 25 years, Barb was instrumental in establishing the Peer Helper Program, received the prestigious “LeMoyne College Excellence in Counseling Award”, served as senior class advisor, mentored Guidance interns in college level Master’s Degree Programs and was advisor to the Brewster Young Philanthropists (10 years).
         Barb has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and exploration, a fun loving sense of humor, is a voracious reader, music and opera lover, piano player, puzzle fanatic, gourmet cook, traveler, gardener, knitter, and craftsperson. Retiring in 2013, Barb’s family is her number one passion.
          The Barbara F. Vercollone Family Scholarship has been established to recognize a graduating senior who is involved wholeheartedly in philanthropy and helping others.


A note of thanks may be sent to:
Barbara Vercollone
26 Red Fox Lane
Brewster, NY 10509



Jaclyn was a junior at Brewster High School when she died in a tragic car accident on December 26, 1994.  She was sixteen years old.
Jaclyn had already visited several colleges and had hoped to attend Quinnipiac College in Hamden, CT.  She planned to major in political science.  One of the compelling reasons she selected Quinnipiac was the new law school being built on campus.  Attending law school was a dream she shared with her Grandfather.
While at Brewster High School, Jaclyn was a member of both the chorus    and the select chorus.  She was Captain of the J.V. Cheerleading Squad and a member of the J.V. Softball Team.  In addition to these activities, Jaclyn was a member of the Youth Group at St. Lawrence O’Toole church and an accomplished pianist.
An above average student, Jaclyn had strong friendships and loved to spend time with her many friends.  She truly was a wonderful big sister to Kerry who had just begun high school.  Jaclyn’s strongest quality was the depth and breadth of how she cared for others.  She was not only committed to helping her friends and family but was also concerned about the well being of the homeless.
The Jaclyn Vigilo Memorial Scholarship is awarded to a graduating senior who is a member of a varsity athletic team, involved in school activities, is in good academic standing and plans to continue his/her education after high school.


A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Mr. and Mrs. Jeff Vigilo
3757 Whippoorwill Blvd.
Punta Gorda, FL 33950




            June H. Weigelt was an English teacher in the Brewster Central School District for many years who retired in 1990.  She had a sharp wit and loved teaching English in the High School.  Mrs. Weigelt did not just teach; she made learning come alive for her students.  The student’s did not just read a book; they turned the stories into plays and acted them out so they became real.  Mrs. Weigelt encouraged creativity, thinking outside the box and made each class an exciting adventure.
One of her main passions was for the yearbook, Resume.  She devoted thousands upon thousands of hours over the years to create a masterpiece. Upon her death in June 2004, she bequeathed the sum of $120,000 to be used to establish a scholarship. “The scholarship fund shall provide annual payments of $500 to the yearbook staff member voted “most valuable to production” each year by the yearbook staff and advisor.  Each scholarship recipient shall receive an annual payment of $500 towards his/her college education for up to four years of college or university study.  In no case shall there be more than four annual payments ($2,000) paid from the fund to any single scholarship recipient.  The payments to any scholarship recipient who is an underclassman in the year in which they are voted to receive the scholarship shall begin upon said recipient’s graduation.  Any scholarship recipient who is voted to receive the scholarship as an underclassman shall not be eligible to be voted to receive the scholarship in subsequent years.”

Please contact the Brewster Education Foundation at (click on the link June H. Weigelt Memorial Scholarship Renewal application) by June 1st of each succeeding year to receive your check in the amount of $500 for a total of $2,000.  You must submit proof of college enrollment for the upcoming semester. 



            The George A. Zupko, III Family Scholarship Fund was established to honor Mr. Zupko’s seventeen years of service to Brewster High School.   A former Latin teacher and Guidance Counselor, Mr. Zupko came to Brewster in 1982 as the Director of Student Services.  Upon his arrival, George took the existing high school guidance department and developed it into an outstanding resource.  It includes an excellent College Career Room, an impressive Scholar’s Program to showcase all student awards, a financial aid night sponsored by the Brewster Education Foundation and the Youth Employment Services.  George was also responsible for bringing the NJROTC program to Brewster in 1984.
            Returning from a conference in 1983, George wondered what he could do to assist students and teachers in Brewster to improve the quality of education for the district.  He wanted to develop a connection between the school and the community.  As a result, the Brewster Education Foundations was founded with a small group of community and school volunteers.
            With its motto of “Excellence in Education”, the Foundation has continued to grow, flourish and accomplish many positive things over the years.  Grants, scholarships and seed money have been provided to the students and faculty of the Brewster Central School District.  George was also instrumental in having the Foundation  establish the Brewster High School Alumni directory and starting the Foundation sponsored annual 50 Year Graduate Dinner/Reunion.  With his support, a grant from the Foundation and a major grant from the Plan for Social Excellence, the Brewster Young Philanthropists group was formed at the high school.  Their goal is the same as the Foundation - to raise money to support excellence in education and help the community.
            The George A. Zupko, III Family Scholarship is awarded to a student who exemplifies creativity, leadership and concern for their fellow peers and the school community.  The student must be a graduating senior in good academic standing who plans to continue their education after high school.  The student should be involved in the NJROTC and/or the Brewster Young Philanthropists and interested in helping other people from a philanthropic point of view.                  A note of thanks may be sent to:
George A. Zupko, 111
Marsh Creek Country Club
265 Fiddlers Point Drive
St. Augustine, Florida  32084




The HERMAN GRAY GRANT was established to honor Dr. Herman Gray, an attorney, who was invaluable to the Brewster Teachers Association (BTA) in its formative years.  Dr, Gray had great respect for teachers and was very concerned about fair treatment in their professional life.

Herman Gray guided and trained BTA leadership in the areas of negotiations and grievance procedures.  He represented the BTA in negotiating the first labor relations contract with the school district.

His experience, advice and skill were free to the BTA.  The DR. HERMAN GRAY GRANT was the BTA’s way of saying thank you to an advisor, mentor and friend.  The DR. HERMAN GRAY GRANT is an endowed scholarship through the BREWSTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION.


BTA President Toni Titone
Brewster Central School District
`30 Farm To Market Road
Brewster, New York, 10509


Firefighter Christopher Blackwell gave his life as a hero on September 11, 2001 at the World Trade Center Tragedy.  He died saving his fellow man.  Christopher was a 42 year, old highly decorated, 20 year veteran of the FDNY.  A 25 year member of the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department Christopher joining Company A at age 16. After graduating from High School in 1977, Chris spent four years in the Airforce serving as a Firefighter and medic.  He had a passion for helping people and loved teaching EMT classes, building collapse and rescue work to other volunteers in training.  A NY and CT medic for the past 16 years, Chris was also a member of FEMA, Federal Emergency Management Agency.  For the last thirteen years of his life, Mr. Blackwell was Rescue 3 in the Bronx which specialized in confined space rescues. 
Rescue 3 was trained to handle collapsed buildings.  Chief Pete Benzinger of the New Fairfield Volunteer Fire Department said,  “Blackwell was always first at a call.  Once when there were two fires back to back, Blackwell made it to each one and searched the building before the chief showed up.”
A devoted Father and Husband, Chris always put his wife and children first. He loved watching his kids play sports and called them every night when he was on duty.  Chris and Jane were married for 16 years.  He leaves behind his children, Alexandra, Ryan and Samantha.  Christopher Blackwell will go down in history as a heroic defender of life.
The Brewster Teachers Association has established the Firefighter Christopher Blackwell Memorial Scholarship through an endowment with the Brewster Education Foundation.  This scholarship is awarded to a senior in good academic standing who is involved in the community with volunteering and helping others. The student must be the child of an Active, Retired or Deceased NYC Firefighter.
                                     A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
             Brewster Teachers Association


The FRED SIMS SCIENCE AWARD was established by the Brewster Teachers Association (BTA) as a memorial tribute to a deceased BTA President.  Fred Sims guided the BTA in its growth from a strictly social organization to a rights-protecting union.  He had great foresight in founding the BTA Welfare Fund.
Fred was a chemistry teacher who encouraged his students to strive for the highest goals possible.  His emphasis on a well-rounded education was evident in his years of coaching football.
The FRED SIMS SCIENCE AWARD is presented to a graduating senior who, in the opinion of the science department, best exemplifies Fred’s characteristics of honesty and integrity combined with achievement.  This scholarship is endowed through the BREWSTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Brewster Teachers Association
Brewster Central Schools
30 Farm-to-Market Road
Brewster, New York 10509


Florence Lord taught High School English for more than fifty years, most of which were at Brewster High School.  Chairperson of the English Department, she set high expectations for her colleagues. Mrs. Lord was a dedicated educator who worked tirelessly helping each student do his/her best and achieve his/her goal.  At age seventy, Mrs. Lord was forced to retire under the then mandatory retirement age.

As a tribute to her, the Brewster Teachers Association (BTA) established the FLORENCE LORD ENGLISH AWARD to be presented to the graduating senior who, in the opinion of the English Department, has made the best use of the English language.  This is a scholarship endowed through the BREWSTER EDUCATION FOUNDATION.

A Note of Thanks May Be Sent To:
Brewster Teachers Association
Brewster Central School District
30 Farm to Market Road
Brewster, New York 10509