The Brewster Education Foundation raises funds to foster and encourage extraordinary public education programs in the Brewster public school district. The Foundation's goal is to promote excellence in Brewster public education. To achieve this, the Foundation funds innovative educational projects that would not be available through regular school budgeting. This is accomplished through the Foundation's Grant program, which is open to any teacher in the Brewster Central School District.

2012-2013 School Year
2011-2012 School Year
2010-2011 School Year
2009-2010 School Year

Please note: we now ask the Grant Request Form to be submitted electronically to One hard copy with appropriate signatures should be mailed or dropped off to the BEF office (Brewster High School).
The Foundation now has one
grant cycle per school year.

Grants for the 2012-13

School Year

Name of Grant School
Model United Nations             BHS
Physical Education/PE Plus BHS
Chrome Books for Kids CVS
Safe Driving Program            BHS
CV Starr Indoor Recess Program CVS
Empathy in Action HHW
High-Low Books            HHW
JFK Kindergarten Playground JFK


Grants for the 2011-12

School Year

Name of Grant School
Exit Assessment BHS
Contradancing with the Amidons GSS
CV Starr Playground Project CVS
JFK Round Table/Facetime Project JFK
Heart Saver CPR with AED Equipment HHW
READ Poster Project CVS
Chemistry of Dying Cotton Fabrics BHS
Engineering Club BHS
Chris Caiazzo Safe Driving Program BHS
JFK Water Fountain Project JFK


Grants for the 2010-11

School Year

Name of Grant School
Skip Barber Experience BHS
Fourth Grade Local History Project  CVS
We Both Read     GSS
Chemistry of Fabric Dying BHS
CUBS Support Program    GSS
Art Gallery Program   GSS
Interdisiplinary Media Master BHS
Ride the Bus Week   DISTRICT WIDE
Smart Music Student      HHW
Smart Notebook Math Tools   BHS
Art Workshops at Tilly Foster Farm CVS/HHW
We Both Read         JFK
Indoor/Outdoor Recess HHW
World Drumming with John Arrucci DISTRICT WIDE
Student Publishing Center    BHS



Grants for the 2009-10

School Year

Name of Grant School
Solar Energy  BHS
Brewster Engineering Club  BHS
Foundations in Research  BHS
Apple Orchard CVS
Dance Dance Revolution  CBS
Contra Dancing with the Amidons  GSS
Shuffling through Reading JFK
Fitness Center BHS
Education through Simulation BHS
Skip Barber Experience BHS
Spanish for Staff  CVS
PBIS Mascot        HHW
World Language Day  HHW

Empathy in Action – Funded the book Wonder for all students that introduces the guiding principles of the middle school, diversity, acceptance, kindness and empathy towards one another

FASTT Math – Innovative intervention program supporting AIS math and special education students.

Solar Energy – A grant educating students in solar technology

Indoor Recess – Funded supplies for use during inclement weather so students can remain indoors yet have a meaningful and fun indoor recess program with classmates

Golf Cart – A grant purchased a golf cart enabling the district’s athletic trainer to gain rapid access to student athletes who incur injuries during team practices or sporting competitions.

Engineering Club – This club creates opportunities for students to apply their knowledge of science and math to real lift problems

Model UN – Funded an interscholastic conference with schools and students from around the world, meeting to discuss current, past and future global issues.

World Drumming – These workshops provided students with a unique and special opportunity celebrated and experience the rich diversity of percussion traditions from around the work.

CVS Garden – Provided funding for a school garden where students are introduced and involved in concepts of economics, sustainable development and the science of raising vegetables and flowers.

Mark Wood – An international rock violinist, Mark Wood and his band spent two days with string and choral students that culminated with a concert together.

Safe School Ambassadors – Trains student leaders to intervene and speak up when they witness mistreatment, cruelty, teasing, bullying and other forms of violence.

We Both Read – Funded this book collection that is designed for parents and children to read simultaneously.

Consideration is given to projects utilizing an interdisciplinary approach or a team approach at a grade level, multi-grade level, or department level. From the mid-1980s through 2012 the Foundation has been proud to award over $400,000 to dozens of worthy projects!

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Colonial Fair & Encampment
Colonial life is re-created for the 4th and 5th grades each year with initial seed money from the Foundation. For two days, the students rotate among educational stations to make apple cider, cook, and participate in tinsmithing, quilting, candle-making and other activities typical of life during colonial America. In the Revolutionary Encampment program, students experience the trials of Revolutionary soldiers and learn to march, make fascines and cook over an open fire.

Lake Tonetta Aquatic Research
The Foundation funded the implementation of a CV Starr aquatic research project at Brewster's Lake Tonetta to track water quality and practice scientific methods.

The BEF Library Media Center
At the opening of the CV Starr Intermediate School, the Foundation provided computers to enhance its library automation and learning plan. As a result of this generous contribution, the library has been named the Brewster Education Foundation Library Media Center.

Chris Caiazzo Driver Safety Program
The Foundation supports the Chris Caiazzo Memorial Driver Safety Program which provides partial funding to students participating in the Skip Barber New Driver Program held in Lime Rock, CT. The program is designed to expose new drivers to techniques critical to true defensive driving including car control skills, and enhanced street awareness and road etiquette.

CPR & AED Training
A grant from the Foundation was used to purchase equipment to certify all 8th grade health class students in CPR and select students in AED, empowering them to be able to save lives.