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The planning for a school foundation was initiated in 1983 by Joseph Sabatella, then Assistant Principal at Brewster High School and George Zupko, Director of Student Services, under the leadership of Superintendent James Monk. The Brewster Education Foundation was incorporated later that school year and was supported by the Board of Education and dedicated community leaders. It was the first such foundation in New York to develop public-private collaboration for a public school district.

Independent of the school district, the Foundation raises and disburses funds for projects beyond those supported by regular school sources. The additional funding helps fill the gap that exists between the programs teachers would like to have and those available to them through district budgeting.

The Foundation has also become the manager of a growing number of financial endowments, established by community members in the name of friends and loved ones. The endowments generate revenue to provide scholarships and other educational opportunities as directed by the endowments.
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Officers 2016- 2017


Dominick Talarico

Vice President

Lisa Smith


Gregory Austin


Bob Urvater


The Brewster Education Foundation, New York State's first non profit public education foundation, has awarded over $1,000,000 during the past 33 years to benefit the students of the Brewster Central School District through grants, awards and scholarships. With our motto of "Excellence in Education", our goal is to recognize achievement, encourage innovative approaches and foster community service. The Foundation accomplishes this by working collaboratively with the business leaders, service  organizations, educators, and residents of the community.

Board of Trustees
Joe Cavanagh Alberta Kozma
Erik Brillon Monica Larca
Christopher Feehan Lisa McPartland
Meryl DiDio Sonia Mesika
Louis Gasparini Peter Pastore
Karin Corrao Melissa Stahl-Downey
Meryl DiDio Barbara Vercollone
Jill Jacobs-Quinn Susan Yanarella
Valerie Henning-Piedmonte,
Dan Petigrow,